Moonridge 2006

I have been busy

Having all kinds of trouble with the internet couldn't get into my journal send email or really get onto the internet at all so thought I would spend my time making some dog coats. I bought a couple of wax coats for my dogs, took a pattern for that and made to start with for my own dogs a flannel coat each for those dry cold days just to keep there back warm while out walking.
Then my sister got a letter from Battersea dogs and cats home in London saying thank you for the dog coats and sweaters some of the knitters from our club had sent... I had knitted 6 but they take a long while to finish as I can't knit for long periods.
Anyway they said they needed small coats as the winter was getting close, I had just made coats for my dogs which only took a day to make so I got stuck in. I made all out of double thickness flannel with some wadding in-between so they are nice and warm, 6 the same size I made for my dogs med size, and tried my hand at one small coat. All told in that box we sent them 47 warm winter sweaters and coats. The photos here is of the next load we will be sending soon they loved the small flannel coat I made said they could use more so far I have 7 small, 2 med size, and one large that will fit a greyhound.
Computer just crashed again so better get this posted.

med dog coats photo PA250020.jpg

small dog coat photo PA250021.jpg
Moonridge 2006

I wasn't speeding officer

These are two photos of an accident that happened last Wednesday not that far away from us. Where I live on the fens in Lincolnshire we have allot of long straight road . Boy racers love them, most manage to keep the car rubber side down but we do get some amazing accident's leaves you scratching your head how the hell did he get the car into that place. Mostly speed. This kid was lucky only a few broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder painful but not life threatening. I'm sure he will be back on our roads very soon.

 photo IMG_0001_NEW.jpg

accident photo IMG_NEW.jpg

Not so long ago on another of our roads, the kid this time managed to get his car into the top of a big old tree again I'm sure he wasn't speeding either.
Moonridge 2006

The joy of owning two puppies

Was having a little play on my sewing machine this afternoon, hubby was off doing who knows what. When he came back in the house called to me to come down for a minute as the dogs had been up to something. Yes they had! this is part of my living room wall,

photo 20140710_194605.jpg

where they had found a loose corner on the wall paper ( been meaning to stick it back down) well I don't have to now, they took care of it for me. Thank goodness I always keep all the leftover wall paper so will have to get a piece put back, or my sister will do it for me. Didn't think she was ever going to stop laughing when I phoned her.
Found this Head line in the Daily Mail news paper tonight

I think I got off light seeing these photos
Moonridge 2006

(no subject)

Trying to get back into lj after so long when I couldn't sit at the computer or sewing machine cause of a back problem. Even sitting holding a book was painful, Audible books are my new best friend. So the only thing I have made for a very long time is this small wall hanging, but small is good as well..

acorn hanger photo P7060245.jpg

I have to now start planning the quilt I am going to make for the next big Moonridge auction
I might manage to do two a photo quilt and an ordinary one, see how the back holds up. I have plenty of time to get them done...
Moonridge 2006

So long since I posted

Two of the reasons are below. I am Mom to two Cockapoo puppies. They are 5 months old sisters
we got them at 10 weeks old, bit if a nightmare for a while, but they are now house trained and growing fast. These photos were taken after the first hair cut.
Allot of work but nice to have around, now they are learning what they can and cannot do like chew on my wicker furniture... Keeping me fit that's for sure, doing allot more walking now they know the leash isn't a new toy.

Tippy photo 20140619_075345.jpg

Maisie photo 20140619_075340.jpg
Moonridge 2006

Nicked from caarianna

You Are a Cat

You are agile and mysterious. You have you own way of navigating the world.

You enjoy exploring new ideas and places, but you also like to be able to retreat quickly.

You are a bit standoffish and aloof, but you aren't shy. In fact, you are brave and courageous.

Always resourceful and fearless, you can handle any situation. You are a survivor.

Moonridge 2006

Quilt I finished

stuffed in a cupboard and forgot about. Why I would forget, I have no idea as this is one I really like.. I just wish I had made it a little bigger, then it would fit my king size bed instead of a double bed.

 photo P4240116.jpg
Moonridge 2006

Animal Print Quilt

Catching up on my sewing projects. Family have asked for..

Why is it boy's always want black. I find it such a hard colour to work with these days, but this is what my nephew wanted for his room. Turned out pretty good, not perfect thats for sure..

 photo P4150104.jpg

This is what my sister wanted for her coffee table.

 photo P2080090.jpg

This one I made just be cause I had the fabric kicking around. Waiting for hubby to ask what I'm going to do with it now.

 photo P1210072.jpg

Have to get quilting now, before I start anything new. At least the runner if finished.
Moonridge 2006

Garett in the UK again This September

The GMOH team are very pleased to announce that Garett is coming back to the UK for a fourth time!

The details of the 2013 GMOH event are now in the files section of the GMOH Yahoo Group which can be found here

Please go and check out all the info. You do have to be a member.

We will be gathering at Birmingham, England on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September 2013. The cost this year has gone up by £10.00 to £260.00, but we are, in return, including in the cost a finger buffet on Saturday night.

We need all monies paid before the beginning of September, but to secure your place you need to pay your deposit (which is not refundable) by Easter 2013, if at all possible.

We are very excited that the event is going ahead for a fantastic fourth time and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there.

If you have any questions please post them at the Group or email me direct.

Rae, Gerri and Janet.