justmej (justmej) wrote,

Moonridge 2007

(Please forward to all interested lists, Gen and slash, blogs, live journals
message boards, etc! - SPREAD THE WORD)

The auction is in just about a MONTH, folks! A wee bit over 30 days away. To
date, this is what we have, donation wise:

27 Stories donated
13 Art pieces donated
18 Miscellaneous Items donated
11 Memorabilia items donated
2 zines donated
and 8 Special Auction Items donated

This is a total, so far, of approximately 80 items. That is SO far behind
last year as to be scary. We usually have close to THREE HUNDRED donations,

Please start nagging folks, and nag yourself too!! We can't have an auction
that will deliver the money without YOUR donations!

Thank you in advance, and thank you so much to folks like kyanoswolf and
garettgal for keeping Moonridge alive on LJ and to the Moonies who help
carry the message!!!

And don't forget to visit our website and check out what we have so far so
you can start planning your bidding! Go here:
www.mafg.org/ Take time to check on YOUR donation and make sure it's RIGHT! :)
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