October 25th, 2014

Moonridge 2006

I have been busy

Having all kinds of trouble with the internet couldn't get into my journal send email or really get onto the internet at all so thought I would spend my time making some dog coats. I bought a couple of wax coats for my dogs, took a pattern for that and made to start with for my own dogs a flannel coat each for those dry cold days just to keep there back warm while out walking.
Then my sister got a letter from Battersea dogs and cats home in London saying thank you for the dog coats and sweaters some of the knitters from our club had sent... I had knitted 6 but they take a long while to finish as I can't knit for long periods.
Anyway they said they needed small coats as the winter was getting close, I had just made coats for my dogs which only took a day to make so I got stuck in. I made all out of double thickness flannel with some wadding in-between so they are nice and warm, 6 the same size I made for my dogs med size, and tried my hand at one small coat. All told in that box we sent them 47 warm winter sweaters and coats. The photos here is of the next load we will be sending soon they loved the small flannel coat I made said they could use more so far I have 7 small, 2 med size, and one large that will fit a greyhound.
Computer just crashed again so better get this posted.

med dog coats photo PA250020.jpg

small dog coat photo PA250021.jpg