justmej (justmej) wrote,

I have been away from lj for quite a while now. My Mum passed away unexpectedly on August 28th and I just have not felt like doing much of anything, have been trying to come to terms with what has happened.
Then to really top everything off. I had to have my sweet little cat Alma

put to sleep two weeks after my Mum died. So really not a great couple of months.

In late September Marilyn,(Arianna )came to stay with us for a few days, before she flew off to visit more friends. Then we met up again in France and spent a great week together, with Slyvette at a wonderful house we rented in Normandy.

Marilyn and I flew in from Paris on the Friday morning straight into Liverpool to attend the GMOH con… Having just spent a fantastic week-end at the convention, with so many fun ladies I am ready now too get back in the swing of things a little more.
We met up with old friends and made some new. Once again Rae and Gerri did a great job. It was nice that I was included in the thank you. Really, they did all the work. I just acted as a gofer. But thank you so much for the flowers and card.
I know there will be many reports and photo's of the week-end showing up very soon on lj and at the groups, that I am looking forward to reading, so I won’t try and write that up… But I will say that if they are taking names for the next con sign me up! I had such a great time..
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