justmej (justmej) wrote,

Auction is coming up fast.

Polly and I are hoping a few will take up this challenge. What ever you think happened next. Get back together, or stay apart it's up to you..

GMC#6:From Janet and PollyB, (jxkee@gofast.co.uk & pollyabywater@yahoo.com) Janet will donate $10 for every author (NO LIMIT) who commits to writing a SEQUEL to Polly's story, Five in a Stink,http://community.livejournal.com/sentinel_thurs/572334.html#cutid1
that is at least five pages in length. In addition, every person who donates $25 to Moonridge Zoo will be given electronic copies of all the sequels. This special and unique collection will not be available anywhere except through this auction offer.
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