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Another GMOH con 2013 - Scraps & Stitches
Another GMOH con 2013
I am pleased to announce that Garett is interested in coming back to the UK next year for another GMOH event.

Before I throw myself into the organisation of that event, I would like to know how much interest we have out there. We are hoping to keep the price the same as before, £250.00. This might be subject to revision, but only if absolutely necessary and with plenty of notice.

The event will be in Birmingham, UK again at the same hotel as before and will, once again be over a Saturday and Sunday. The change this time is that we are going to bring the date forward to September, probably about the third week in September but that is not definite yet.

We do need 28 minimum people to make it economically viable. So this is where it is your turn. I need to know who of you out there would like to attend. Now I know lots of you would like to attend, but what I am really after is those that want to commit themselves to attending at that price and at that time next year. By putting up your hand now you would not be actually signing on the dotted line in blood (so messy) but I would, if we got enough positive responses, be asking those that say yes to pay a deposit probably within the next couple of months, say by the end of October ... ish. Nothing definite on that yet.

Please ask any questions you want to before saying yes. I look forward to hearing from you.

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